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Stars: Karen, Isida, Roxanne, Lana, Alex, Erik, Denis, Markus Tynai

18 & Horny Hot Tub Sexfest

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Remember those sexy old days when you were still just figuring out sex? And a some pool party, you’d see the cute innocent girl from Algebra class in her bikini and you just obsessed over every sketch of skin you could see? Come see what happens at the pool party a few years later! Girl on Girl, no-boys-allowed hot tub sexy action!

Minie – Innocent Orgasms

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Minie is a 19 year old newbie that seems shy about her orgasms. She has perfect small natural breasts and a perfectly shaved pussy, which she masturbates with her fingers, the Hitachi and the Fairy mini wand. And when she reaches her orgasm, her pussy has these neat little fluttering contractions.

Minie comes into the room and kneels on the bed in her sexy blue one piece. She immediately starts caressing her small breasts, peeling off the top to get direct skin contact. She takes her top off completely leaving her in a pair of skimpy panties. She lies back on the bed, puts her hand in her panties and starts masturbating. After a few moments, she peels her panties off completely (she’s still wearing her high heels!), licks her fingers, and continues rubbing her clit with one hand while the other cups and massages her breasts. Minie decides that a little doggy style action would be good (after all, it is her favorite position!) so she flips over onto her hands and knees and continues firmly rubbing her clit that way. When she is sufficiently warmed up, Minie flips over onto her back and brings the Hitachi wand into the action – she starts moaning in seconds! She uses the powerful vibrator a little gingerly and you can already see little pussy twitches. She really only ever puts the wand very lightly on her clit and that is enough to make her cum! Although I could see some pussy twitches, I didn’t spot the traditional rhythmic contractions. But Minie isn’t done yet…after a brief pause (wand still running), she starts to tease her clit and pussy with it again, still very gingerly. But she is done…she turns of the toy and gives the camera a brief little smile.

Mini is sitting on the couch, legs spread with one leg on the floor and one on the couch. She takes off her peach top, pulls down the straps of her peach bra and starts massaging her breasts before taking her bra off completely. She is also wearing a pair of tiny shorts which she unbuttons to allow her hand into. Minie stands up, peels her shorts down, and lies back on the sofa wearing just her little panties (and heels, or course). She slips one hand into her panties and rubs her clit while her other massages her breasts. This seems to be how she likes it! Minie then takes her panties off to giver herself easier access and to improve our view :-) and continues masturbating. She eventually turns on the magic wand again, and once again uses the toy very gingerly. She barely touches herself with it, constantly just teasing her clit and pussy. But her pussy does respond to the sensations with a little twitch now and then. Minie is moaning gently as she continues to play with herself. Once in a while she keeps the wand on her clit for a few seconds before moving it back into her tease mode. It actually looks like she is trying not to cum too quickly! Her moans intensify as the wand spends more and more time dancing on and around her clit … and with hardly a change of pace, Minie cums! It’s almost as if it embarrasses her but we can see it – she has a nice little series of orgasm contractions! Yet she continues to masturbate and her moans get more intense before she eventually switches the toy off and rubs her clit with her fingers.

Minie is wearing a sexy corset and black panties as she sits down in a comfy chair. The chair seems to be a little shaky which makes her a tad nervous for a second! She stands up and removes her corset, then sits back down and starts to rub her clit and pussy through the fabric of her tiny panties. Her other hand is massaging her breasts as she likes it. Eyes closed and concentrating, Minie slips her hand into her panties and continues to rub, and this time we get glimpses of her pussy at the sides of her panties! She pulls her legs up and slips her panties over her feet, then resumes masturbating with her fingers. When she is sufficiently warmed up, Minie decides to try out the Fairy Mini Wand vibe for a change. She turns it onto a low speed setting and puts it on her clit, still only lightly touching herself with it. This must be her MO with buzzy toys! Minie keeps on teasing her clit and pussy with the vibrations for a while. Her moans intensify a bit and she reaches down with her other hand in order to control the vibrator with both hands as her pussy lets out the occasional little twitch. She turns off the vibrator, allegedly having had an orgasm…but I am doubtful that she got there. She is cut, so nice visuals though.

Minie is fully clothed this time as she sits on the bed. She undoes the back of her dress and pulls it over her head. She is wearing a sky blue bra and matching lace panties. Minie unclasps her brad and takes if off completely, then lies back on the bed, legs akimbo, and starts massaging her breasts and pussy. It’s the way she likes it! She doesn’t keep her panties on for long this time, and she doesn’t warm up with her fingers for long either. I guess she is ready to get it on with the Fairy Mini Wand vibrator! She turns the toy on and immediately puts it onto the tip her clitoris and this time she keeps it there for much longer than in the previous scene! She keeps on buzzing away, massaging her breast with her other hand, and her legs twitching occasionally. She keeps the toy is on a low-ish power, but suddenly starts using it more lightly and teasing her clit with it as her moans intensify – it once again looks like she is trying not to cum. But that doesn’t work…she does cum! And again, her orgasm is accompanied by nice little fluttering contractions! Minie turns the toy off and caresses her body as she lies back to recover. massaging her breast with her other hand, and her legs twitching occasionally. She keeps the toy is on a low-ish power, but suddenly starts using it more lightly and teasing her clit with it as her moans intensify – it once again looks like she is trying not to cum. But that doesn’t work…she does cum! And again, her orgasm is accompanied by nice little fluttering contractions! Minie turns the toy off and caresses her body as she lies back to recover.

Stars: Minnie

Amateurs Exposed 509

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Boris was dozing when Nastinka came in from a day of shopping. Boris woke up and discovered she used his credit card to go shopping! “Fair enough, sweetheart…but I’m gonna get my receipt!” He fucks her relentlessly in all three holes, before taking her over his knee and spanking her ass bright red!!!

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Roll Over Films presents the seventh installment of Teens First Massage, featuring gorgeous European teenagers getting their first “happy ending.” These nubile young ladies are shy and curious, but once their horny masseur touches lower on their bodies, they can’t help but give in to their raging hormones.

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Blue City Pictures presents Cheek Peekers, featuring young, cute porn stars with cute booties. Starring Alexis Adams, Samantha Rone, Monica Rise, and Hannah Hartman – you’re going to love watching these sexy and sweet girls having high-definition, hardcore sex.

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Piper Perri, a young hot blonde next door, has a dream of becoming a big star! She sent her audition tape to the best talent agency in town: Teen Castings. She got a call-back! She’ll do anything to get a contract. Her potential agent wants to take a few photos of her. When he tries to get her naked, promising it will open her up to more opportunity, she grabs her clothes and ends the shoot. So he makes it clear: if she doesn’t do what he says, he won’t work with her. Now, to even be considered, she must endure his love for BDSM, domination, rope bondage, deepthroating, fingering, squirting, spanking, slapping, hard sex, throwing her small frame into different positions. She might become famous but will definitely leave with a cum shot on her face.

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It’s time again for those naughty little girls to sell those tasty morsels of cookies. The troubled twosome picked the wrong house to quarrel over the cookie sale. Kasie Cavanaugh will have to discipline the girls with those magical fingers until taught their lesson. Impatient with these BRATS, Kasie flexes her power to intimidate! The girls are ordered inside. The door is locked! Now to Kasie’s bedroom Jessica, is tied to Kasie’s bed, the tickling begins! Ginger quite amused until Kasie gets those long finger nails tickling on her precious slim little bod. Its then time for the double whammy….both girls are saran wrapped together. Kasie goes at it! Tickle, tickle toes, Tickle, tickle tummy, Ooh those inner thigh and arm pits! The more one of the girls squiggles…the more is done to her.

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There is nothing sweeter than an inexperienced teen! Except maybe a teen who can’t say no to anal penetration! Valentina and her friends are cock hungry anal addicts willing to do whatever it takes to get filled to the brim, gaped and coated in cream!

Danny is introducing hot teen exchange student Valentina to her new roommates. They’re bored and it’s raining, so the sexy Italian suggests a friendly game of strip poker. And lucky Danny wins the biggest haul of all – Valentina’s perfect ass!

Alexis Monroe’s just unwinding in her dressing room, when her security chases in a guy-groupie who wants to show her why he calls himself her ‘biggest’ fan. Even better, her security dude’s also got a big cock, and Alexis has enough sweet ass to go around!

For poor Chad Alva, college life is rough. No friends, no girls, and nothing going his way. Until today that is! Three pledging sorority babes have turned up naked and horny in his dorm room, asking him to be their master and fuck them hard. What’s a college guy to do?

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These amateur teen are so hungry for cock and even sometimes two. There’s so much hardcore sex going on. Threesomes, anal, DP, pussy licking, pounding of pussy, blowjobs and yes of course plenty of jizz and creampie. They’re all so pretty and petite but they are for from innocent girls, they’re young sex addicts.

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This is a taboo tale; Jenna J Ross is Kayla Jane’s step-daughter, but they are so close in age it’s almost a joke to the two of them. When 18 year old Jenna needs a ride to school at noon, Kayla doesn’t feel like taking her, instead she mocks the petite slut Jenna for not wearing panties, gives her a good spanking and makes Jenna worship her feet! Kayla dominates Jenna so easily and even gets a taste of Jenna’s sweet feet for herself.

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Two german men hit up the hotspot beach party zones of Greece for spring break! What’s a couple of guys to do? Go swimming? See the Parthenon? Why not grab a bunch of hot teen tourists and give em a pussy stretching souvenir to take back with them! These girls will remember their holiday for a long, long time!

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It’s no fun if daddy can’t have none! So drop them drawers and give daddy that candy! When Aidra offered her mom’s BF some sun tan lotion, he appreciated it, so he offered her a hard dick in her pussy and a hot cum facial. Lizzie couldn’t resist Jerry’s smooth moves at the park, so when he asked her to drop panties, she went home with him and go to work! Maddy was grateful when John showed her around L.A., so when they got back to his place she gave him a tour of her tight little pink snatch! Violet’s car wouldn’t start, but when Mike picked her up he got her motor running!

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Scene One – London’s First Creampie: London Lynn was hard at work on a special treat for her man! While he was at the gym she was busy making him a coconut pumpkin pie. We think she forgot that he isn’t a big fan of coconut and when he got home and tried it his face said it all. Defeated, London was trying to think of what else she can give her man to eat and that’s when it hit her! She was gonna put whipped cream on her vag and serve him up a slice of London pie! He jumped right in and devoured her snatch and cream! After, he unsheathed his mighty man sword and she swiftly took it into her warm mouth. London was happy that he at least got to enjoy something that she made for him especially since it ended with her getting fucked stupid and filled to the brim with spunk on their couch!

Scene Two – Filled To The Brim: Piper was house sitting for one of her neighbors. While hanging out she started watching some naughty things on her phone and thought it would be a good idea to take her clothes off on her neighbors couch and start flicking her bean! What she didn’t know is that the neighbor placed a hidden camera in his living room so he can still watch her while he’s gone – and he saw EVEYRTHING! He confronted Piper about it and all she could do to make things better was offer up her insanely tight, tiny and bald twat! She went to town on his cock – making him feel things that his wife never has! Piper got her vagina absolutely destroyed by her neighbor’s monster meat and it was so good he forgot to pull out and left his man mayo dripping out of her slit! Looks like Piper has secured her job for good!

Scene Three – You’ve Been Extra Naughty: Rachel was resting quiet as a mouse, when she heard a stirring from within her house. She shot up and wondered, what noise was that? When she saw Santa in her house with his sack! She spied from a distance in her lingerie as Santa noticed the milk and cookies on a tray. He took the bait and the trap was set – and this is when Rachel started to get wet. She dropped to her knees begging Santa for a gift and as an incentive she sucked on his dick! She couldn’t stop there, Old Saint Nick wanted more so he took his rock hard cock and shoved it deep in that whore! With each thrust and each lick he felt the end coming near and he thought, why don’t I do this every year? Rachel was moaning loudly sprawled out on her back and this helped Santa empty his second sack! With one final push and a big HO HO HO Rachel’s tight pussy got Santa to blow. As his jizz dribbled out, and with a gleam in his eye – he turned to Rachel and said, See you next Yuletide!

Scene Four – Little Rich Girl Loves Pie: Being the daughter of a big shot movie director has its perks. One of those perks is living in a nice ass house. Rahyndee brought her new man, Bruno, over to the house to give him the grand tour and try and convince him to meet her family. Bruno was kinda iffy about the whole thing until Rahyndee pulled out the big guns – her tits! Her parents weren’t home the whole weekend so it was time to play! Bruno annihilated Rahyndee’s tanned snatch all over her fancy couch and wanted to bang her in each of this massive houses rooms. The marker snapped, Bruno yelled quiet on the set, and then he spilled his action all up in Rahyndee’s guts where she squeezed it out for all to see!

Scene Five – Paying The Rent: Sabrina Banks was having a pretty chill day at home until her landlord, Mr. Remington, came by with a 3 day notice to vacate. She was getting kicked out! Panicked, she invited him in to try and talk over their situation but he wasn’t trying to hear any excuses. He wanted that cash in his hand and nothing more. Nothing more that is until Sabrina dropped to her knees in front of his cock and started gobbling on it like her life depended on it! Mr. Remington was liking where this was going so he decided to collect the back rent by digging out Sabrina’s backside! I guess when you’re about to get kicked out you’re willing to do almost anything to not be on the street and Sabrina let Mr. Remington fuck her all over her couch and even shoot his load deep inside her slick vagina! Who wants to be a landlord?!

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These teens are constantly horny. They can’t help it, and they’re not always lucky to have a dick ready when their lust overflows with wanton desire. They’re more than just pretty faces. They’re so much more. They wear the skimpiest outfits and they perform the lewdest of acts. It would be a waste to not given these girls what they crave most – seed, as much of it as they can devour, in their hungry mouths, or on their perky breasts. And these 4 teen hotties make sure to catch every single drop. But first, they suck cock and cream all over it with their pussies to make sure they get the biggest loads!

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Holy Virgins

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The locals know all about Dr. Fuwa. His reputation for taking advantage of his female patients has left him little to do except his nurse Megumi. When he’s suddenly called in to investigate a mysterious illness that’s been affecting the nuns on a remote island, Dr. Fuwa’s certainly not above having a little fun with the patients—each and every one of them a cute little nun-in-training.

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There’s just something special about some fresh, delicious 18 and 19 year old pussy! And leave it up to Teen Erotica to bring you the very best in teen action! Penetrating Teen Pussy features a handful of amazing, young women who are cutting loose and having a ton of sexual fun! Featuring Aliya, Anita, Betty, Chloe, Gianna, and Neona!

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Couples Seeking Teens 19

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Scene One: RayVeness is pissed at her husband Tommy because he spends too much time at work. She invites her coworker Ashley over to take some sexy pics to send him, which makes him come home immediately for a sexy surprise.

Scene Two: Mercedes and Johnny wanted to hire an escort to spice up their sex lives, but Mercedes’ computer dies. She calls nerdy Pristine over to fix it. It isn’t so bad though, as they end up seducing the young girl!

Scene Three: Nina and James need to find a babysitter for the night, so they hire young Jojo. The couple comes home a bit buzzed and horny, and Jojo doesn’t mind getting in on their action too.

Scene Four: Karlee has a crush on her friend’s dad Xander and finds any excuse to go over their place to see him. Jasmine picks up on this, and they make a plan to give the teen exactly what she has been craving.

Stars: Pristine Edge, RayVeness, Jojo Kiss, Ashley Adams, Jasmine Jae, Nina Elle, Mercedes Carrera, Karlee Grey , Tommy Gunn, James Deen, Johnny Castle, Xander Corvus

Grad Girls

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Grad Girls is the latest lesbian love-making masterpiece from Web Young. Everyone had their own personal dreams for finishing school. The general goal most teens have is to lose their virginity, but these budding beauties aren’t interested in boys. Ariana needs a way to become part of the team, and she uses seduction to get Back On Top. Others have personal insecurities that their best friends admire, and help them get through with a warm and wet shaved pussy licking. Kenna James and her step sister Tara Morgan have been stood up for the prom so when they get impatient, they help each other with the task of becoming women. Marley and Kylie have had crushes on one another, so when the big graduation party goes in a direction they didn’t expect, they make up for it by taking each other’s precious virginity.

Unexpected Prom Date: Tonight is prom night and Kenna James is so ecstatic to go with her little baby step sister, Tara Morgan. Both girls are screaming with excitement jumping on the bed so happy this day has finally arrived! Tara is so grateful that her big sister, well step sister, has invited her to share this one time experience. They help each other get ready complimenting one another on how cute they look. Finally ready, they call their boyfriends but neither one is picking up their phone. They were stood up! Tara is so frustrated and sad that these losers ditched them but Kenna comforts her, saying they don’t need boys to have a good time at the prom.

Kenna and Tara share thoughts on what type of fun they could have once the prom is over now knowing that their boyfriends are no longer in the picture, meaning, they both wanted to get laid. Kenna replies that they can have their own fun. Tara is lost for words, I mean, they may be step sisters but she considers her like a real sister. Kenna thinks that nothing can be hotter than sleeping with her sister especially that Tara is a virgin. Tara never being with anyone sexually doesn’t know how to pleasure another person but luckily, her big sister is there to help her all the way.

Kenna guides Tara into their first gentle kiss, making out passionately on the bed. Kenna removes her dress slowly making sure that Tara doesn’t take her eyes off of her naked chest.Tara feeling relaxed with her sister’s touch, she removes the top part of her dress allowing her sister to kiss her nipples. Kenna slowly eases her way down her sisters’ body but regardless of how good this feels Tara stops her from going forward. Felling the taboo, Kenna reassures her and to trust her big sister. Kenna gently spreads open Tara’s legs, licking her shaved pussy. Tara pants with excitement, begging her sister not to stop until she finally experiences her first lesbian orgasm. Tara places herself under her sister’s pussy, licking and sucking her labia and clit making her sister cum in her mouth. Teaching Tara a new trick, she removes Tara’s dress and places her on all fours, spreading her ass cheeks and inserting her tongue into Tara’s ass. Rubbing with intensity, Tara moans thanking her sister for such pleasure. Tara is thrilled to know she made her big sister proud.

The Popular Girl: Samantha Hayes has been flying under the radar for the past 5 years. Time flies by when you’re caught up with really important things like band and manga clubs, but Samantha is ready for a change, it’s time she’s showed off that stunning teen body for the first time. She knows she’s got potential, but how to be popular has been on her mind a lot lately. Luckily, Elektra Rose has what it takes to help Samantha with her outfits, at least.

As Samantha tries on some outfits for Elektra, it starts to look like Samantha has nothing going, in terms of fashion sense. But after a couple of tries Samantha has chosen an outfit that Elektra approves of. Soon both are all smiles. Elektra couldn’t help but notice that Samantha’s body has changed, and she works up the courage to let Sam know she’s always liked her. Samantha asks how she can make it up for Elektra, and as she budges closer their teen sexual tension starts to build. Samantha kisses Elektra, and budges her closer to letting loose. At first Elektra is nervous, but soon Samantha’s soft teen lesbian touch gets Elektra in the mood.

Samantha starts by kissing her and gently sucking her natural tits. Elektra is soon squirming underneath Samantha as she edges closer and closer to her pussy. Sam doesn’t want to stop, so she tells Elektra that she can tell her when to stop at any minute. Just knowing that leaves Elektra comfortable. Soon Elektra has Sam’s deep inside her, knocking her swollen clit with her warm tongue. Elektra starts to moan as she get closer to climax, and when she finally cums it’s Sam’s turn to show Elektra how it’s done. They end of their hangout with some scissoring that leaves them relaxed and tired. Sam knows just how she’ll rise to the top.

Back On Top: Being the new girl in school can be tough, finding new friends, fitting in, especially making your way to the top. Ariana Marie, new to California writes in her diary about just that. Back at Ariana’s old school she was involved in a dance team, but here in California they had a cheer leading team. The only problem was, the head cheerleader, Jenna Ross was a complete bitch, and the other girls, Kota Sky and Alina West weren’t nice to her either. Jenna was always on Ariana’s case, trying to ruin her every chance she had, but thankfully, the other girls were accepting and set a course of action to put Jenna in her place once in for all.

Ariana Marie, Jenna Ross, Kota Sky, and Alina show up to their cheer leading practice, of course Jenna is perturbed that Ariana is late but it’s just Jenna’s way of trying to get under her skin. The girls call it a day, and as soon as Kota and Ariana take off, it was Alina’s turn to set their plan in motion. Alina mentions to Jenna that Kota and Ariana were hanging out tonight which made Jenna livid with jealousy. Alina proposed they go spy on them with a camera, setting up the perfect plan to catch them in the act and humiliate Ariana at last.

Ariana shows up at Kota’s place waiting for Jenna and Alina to show up. They hear the girls outside so it was time put on a show. Kota and Ariana kiss and fondle one another’s breasts with excitement. They knew they were being filmed which made the plot even more enticing. Jenna had seen enough and raids in on the two girl’s catching them in the act. Jokes on her as Alina admits this was a ploy to confront her letting Jenna know she was a stuck up bitch and they were all fed up of it. Ariana proposes a truce to end all this hostility, confronting her making Jenna understand that in order to be respected, she needed to respect other first. Jenna finally submits, ending her bitchy ways, but what happens next with the four girls is the best part. Watch and find out!

Graduation Weekend – Part One: Graduation is one aspect in our life we will never forget…The chicks, the parties oh yeah and the hangovers! This is definitely the case for Marley Brinx. Kylie Nicole walks outside to a complete disaster of what transpired that night. Looking around at the mess, Kylie hears moaning from across the pool where she notices Marley slowly opening her eyes with a massive hangover and the weight that comes with it.

Feeling guilty for not spending more time with Kylie, Marley offers to help clean up the house before Kylie’s parents come back. Kylie didn’t want to think about that right now, she was too involved mentally in finding the courage to tell Marley how she felt about her. Kylie came out with the truth, confessing she has a crush on Marley ever since 1st semester. Marley responded quite well in fact as she leaned forward to embrace the girl who desired her.

Marley asks Kylie to remove her shirt, wanting to fill her mouth with her youthful breasts. Marley is overwhelmed with lust for Kylie, removing her tight little jeans. The girls pleasure each other, taking turns tasting one another’s sweet shaved and fingering their tight holes. The trill and taste of their tight and juicy pussies creates simultaneous orgasms. Let’s hope this is the start of a new found love and friendship which will blossom and develop through the years! What do you think?

Graduation Weekend – Part Two: Experiencing a weekend both girls will never forget, Kylie Nicole and Marley Brinx move their way into Kylie’s house, washing up and getting refreshed from their morning adventure. Kylie needed to talk to Marley about something really important that required Marley’s attention. Kylie expressed her feelings, stating that what they shared this morning was something more to her than just a fling, and was serious about taking what they had to the next level. Marley was on the same page as Kylie, setting forth a non exclusive relationship.

Both girls couldn’t resist one another’s touch, removing the clothes they only put on minutes ago. Marley jumps onto the bathroom sink, spreading her shaved pussy for Kylie’s mouth. Kylie couldn’t get enough of her girlfriend’s pussy lips, swaying her tongue back in forth, clenching her toes together as she bursts out in sexual satisfaction. Marley places Kylie over the sink excited to eat her out and taste her juices all over again.Marley licks Kylie’s clit and squeezes her fingers deep inside her pussy pleasuring their sexual appetite. Kylie lays down on her back, placing Marley’s pussy over her face. Marley begins to moans instantaneously, rocking back and forth, groaning from her throbbing clitoris screaming with pleasure. Time ceased to exist in their world, but reality struck them like lighting when Marley heard a car honk from outside Kylie’s home…It was her mother! Hurrying out of the house, Marley runs out while Kylie sinks in and rejoices from the best day she’s ever had.

Sun Pleasures: Maintaining a flawless tan takes a lot of patience. Patience Charlize is well acquainted with, Today though, they’re calling for rain, and Charlize never needs to check the weather. It’s always sunny in California. No one thought to tell her the forecast so Charlize is at the spa all alone today. Which combined with her state of relaxation adds up to the perfect time to masturbate. Charlize doesn’t waste a second letting the dark weather take control over her plans. Once she starts to masturbate there’s no stopping her!

To shield herself from the weather she finds an empty bed inside. She quickly gets the last of her swimsuit off before rubbing her soft shaved pussy with her nimble expert fingers. As if instantaneously she begins to moan gently and breath more heavily. Each second of contact she makes with her inflamed clitoris her sound scape grows more varied. As she gets more excited we can see her sweet nectar dripping from her blossom.

Charlize knows exactly how she wants to get to her goal. She flips over onto her stomach, reaching around her soft behind to stimulate herself from the rear. She is in such a state of bliss that her fantasies practically come to life. She shifts, opening her legs and tasting her fingers to exchange a bit of her natural juices. Continuing to rub her clit, Charlize is able to achieve her heavenly climax within seconds. The lazy day and the wind and rain invite her to lie around just a bit, to enjoy her glow, before returning to her naked clothes.

Stars: Kota Sky, Marley Brinx, Kenna James, Kaylee Haze, Jenna J. Ross, charlize Bella, Ariana Marie, Tara Morgan, Elektra Rose, Alina West, Samantha Hayes