New Resident Abi – Initial Interview

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Abi, dressed very nicely in a halter dress with a short skirt, has requested a private interview with Headmaster Tom. Her life so far has been a series of bad mistakes. Under his questioning she reveals that his stern punishments are what she feels she needs to correct her cheating, stealing ways. She even confesses to masturbating during church. Headmaster Tom thought she was kidding. But she was not.

Headmaster lets her know that she will experience shame, humiliation and more for at least 24 hours. And there will be no escape. She can expect his hand, the canes, the paddles, the belt, etc. He will expect obedience. He asks her to completely undress as her 24 hours starts now.

Stars: Abi, Headmaster Tom

Tender Young Pussy (Disc 2)

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Tender Young Pussy (Disc 1)

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Looks like you ordered some tender young pussy! Disc one is a 6-scene fuck party and features Avril Hall, Roxanne Rae, Britney Beth, Tegan Summers, Kendall Karson, and Jenna J Ross!! These sweet little sluts are wet n horny and they can’t wait to get their tender young pussies destroyed!

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Tender Young Pussy (Disc 1)

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Looks like you ordered some tender young pussy! Disc one is a 6-scene fuck party and features Avril Hall, Roxanne Rae, Britney Beth, Tegan Summers, Kendall Karson, and Jenna J Ross!! These sweet little sluts are wet n horny and they can’t wait to get their tender young pussies destroyed!

Stars: Tegan Summers, Britney Beth, Jenna J Ross, Kendall Karson , Avril Hall, Roxanne Rae, Xander Corvus, Mr. Pete, Alec Knight, Anthony Rosano, Rocco Reed

Just 18 – Ripe ‘N Ready Volume 13

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Stars: Summer, Erika, Anjelica, Billy Jean

Desires Of The Innocent #3

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When it cums to the “Desires of the Innocent”, you never know what they’re going to be begging you to do to their young, nubile bodies. These pretty young Euro-girls will surprise you with all the dirty things that they fantasize about experiencing, from older men, to deep anal, to having their sweet bodies slick with hot cum.

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Old Man Tickles 19 Year Old

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The 82 year old man has her back again for mother tickling session. She gets the feather, the fingers, and the vibrating toothbrush. But the old man can’t keep his full hands on her after long, and it soon ends up being more than just a tickle fest, he also caresses her breasts. Of course it ends up with her cumming really hard.

Hairy Asian Girls 2

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Koike, Lyla Lei, Mia Fuji and Kiwi Ling are four Asian cuties who have no razor; they don’t care because they like having lots of hair! Cum join these all natural babes on a mission to find 100% unshaven, dick sucking, ball draining, pussy cramming that can only end with them getting splooged with massive cumshots! They are ready willing and more than able to give you all the kinky action you can handle when you’re in the mood for some hairy Asian slits!

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Devious Daughters

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She caught Step-Daddy being bad. Now he has to do whatever she wants!

Bad daddy’s raise devious daughters!

If you love taboo sex then you’ve come to the place! 4 girls turn the tables on their naughty “dads” and make them do things no father figure ever should! And you have to see what sisters Charlie and Zoey make “daddy” do! Daddy isn’t in charge anymore! Lilly Ligotage – She likes it rough with “daddy!” Zoey Carter – “Daddy” fills her young pussy with a thick creampie! Charlie Baby – She has her way with “daddy” and “sister!” Tiffany Kohl – “I know what you did, daddy! Now you’ll do what I want!”

Stars: Zoey Carter, Charlie Baby, Lilly Ligotage, Tiffany Kohl, JW

Playing Games

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Emma is so engrossed in her video game that she doesn’t hear the Headmaster call for her to come to his office. Finally, he is fed up and goes to retrieve the girl from her room. When he finds her playing video games he becomes enraged, commands her to set up for a punishment, and leaves. Emma faces the wall, bends over and lowers her trousers.

When he returns, Headmaster begins to cane her rear end. Soon it is red and welted. And she keeps forgetting to thank him for each stroke, which leads to more punishment. Caning over, she sits down and he makes her hold her legs under her knees. She is to maintain that position and think about things for at least half an hour.

Stars: Emma, Headmaster Tom

Born Flirty 6

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“Can you cum on my braces?” That was the first thing Natalie Monroe said when she ran into our office. Jenna Ross wanted to get pregnant so bad she walked around with a pillow under her shirt screaming “Cum inside me, cum inside me!” Katerina Kay had an ass for days that wouldn’t stop booty shaking and twerkin’ what an ass to admire. Jade Nile is a hippie at heart and would suck any cock. These girls have a ton of sexual energy and they are all “Born Flirty”.

Stars: Katerina Kay, Natalie Monroe, Jade Nile, Jenna J Ross, Ryan Madison

New Resident Lizzy

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Lizzy, head bobbing and listening to music, doesn’t hear the multiple knocks of the Headmaster at her door. She is late for physical training, just lying around wearing improper clothing, sandals and cosmetics. She also seems to be… smirking. For all these things and the mess in her room the Headmaster puts her over his knee. He leaves the room and comes back to a nude Lizzy. He gives her another over the knee spanking, makes her clean up her mess and sends her to physical training. She is still nude so everyone can see her shame.

Stars: Lizzy, Headmaster Tom

Playtime Nudes Presents: Staci SilverstoneTeen Jerk Off Encouragement

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Staci Silverstone is Playtime luscious new blond bombshell ready to make your blood pump like never before her in first Playtime Nudes feature. She starts off standing before you in her dance uniform consisting of a pair of skin tight white spandex bootie shorts with a tight blue spandex top and matching blue and white tube socks. Her body is SMOKIN! She wants you to pull your little woody out of your pants so she can show you what to do with it. She sits with her legs spread open so that you can see her panty layered under her skin tight shorts. She wants you to make note of how tight her shorts are against her perfect round ass. She compares you to the little boys at school perving out on her tight white shorts. Staci’s angelic face and naughty girl giggle will have your cock rock hard in no time. She teases you with sneak peeks of her micro fiber panty buried under her shorts feeding your dirty little head with nice camel toe views before she peels away her shorts. Tight panty tugging and sexy slow body movements will have you begging for mercy as she continues to entice you by taking off her top and letting you admire her perky little titts. Staci is one very naughty little girl and she uses every inch of her perfect body to control you. She moves to the floor in only her tube socks and skin tight panty as she back her ass up to your face before thrusting her hips up and down. You are helpless as she stands over the top of your face and peels her panty off. Her tight little teen pussy will own you. With one leg hiked up on the chair she spreads her pussy lips open to the sweet pink that will control your every dirty thought. Her beefy labia are pushed up into your face as she grinds her ass back and forth off the edge of the chair. Next this little sex kitten rolls around on the floor in front of you tormenting your cock some more before breaking out her bright green vibrator and working it as if it was your cock putting in a little over time. Inch by inch she slides her pleasure stick in deeper and deeper as she little pussy swallows it all up. First she takes it doggie style, sliding in from behind, before finishing herself off just inches from your face as she satisfies her every need.

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Stars: Staci Silverstone

Teenage Threesomes

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Studio: Teen Erotica
There are many chaste humans in the world, but fortunately for those who love all sexual pleasures, there exist those who shrug off such inhibitions and dive deep into the pool of erotic euphoria. Threesomes; two men and one female who take both cocks in any hole they wish.

Stars: Janette, Raphael (Female), Efina, Peachy, Cindy March, Alexander, Nikolas, Kail (M)

New Resident Lisa

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Headmaster Tom has picked Lisa up from the streets. The pretty brunette is supposedly in town on holiday, but the Headmaster will check that out. He makes a phone call and finds out she is an escapee from another boarding school. The Headmaster intends for Lisa to stay at GBS and welcomes her with a hand spanking across his knee. He leaves her kneeling on a chair with her hands on her head. She will see the Headmaster again – tomorrow morning in his office.

Stars: Lisa, Headmaster Tom


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Evasive Teachers have a very special lesson plan for today! And the lesson for today is how to eat pussy! That’s right, the REAL truth is they cum twice as hard! Kahfee is an aggressive lady who actually will punch you in the face if you don’t listen and play with her pussy the way she wants! Semmie is actually forty-seven years old and has so much experience teaching that most men cum in five minutes! She has a pussy that grabs! Janet is the best beauty with a big ass. Her lips feel like velvet – she can deep throat and her pussy is fatter and wetter than fuck!

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Real Adventures 175

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Meet Dakota

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Digital Sin Presents “Meet Dakota”. Starring Dakota Skye and featuring Adriana Chechik. Get up close and personal with Dakota Skye in 4 sexy scenes! Whether she’s getting pounded by 2 guys at the same time or enjoying some girl/girl action with Adriana Chechik, watch her do it all in this session of nonstop fucking. Don’t let her baby face fool you, because she’s hot and ready to fuck!

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Teens Love Chocolate #4

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Khloe Kush who is the cover model can be watched in the first scene. She’s from Jersey and what a sweet ass she has. She takes on a big black cock. Nicole Banks masturbates before she gets a pounding on a big black dick. Ricki White loves that black chocolate too and loves the taste of warm jizz. Jersey Cummings sucks and gets fucked by the pool.

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Punish The Professor

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Venus Girls Productions are excited to present some top notch female domination porn! It’s another round of bitches in control in the adult video Punish the Professor! Watch this poor guy get taught a sexy lesson! There’s plenty of spanking, flogging and face sitting here! Featuring Britney Amber, Eva Karera, Jessica Ryan and Vannah Sterling!

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